Squeeze the best out of life! A special 45-minute presentation by Glynis E. Devine

Are you squeezing the BEST out of life?  Or do you sometimes feel like you’re having the life squeezed out of you?
As women, we wear a lot of hats; employee, colleague, leader, mother, daughter, sister, spouse, volunteer, coach, manager, mentor… and the list goes on.  Women are SO good transforming into who and what the job or role needs – we’re master chameleons.  The downside of this art is that we can sometimes lose ourselves – who we are and what matters to us.
In Squeeze the Day!, Chief Juicer, Glynis E. Devine provokes you to start to ask the questions:
Who am I and what do I want?
What matters to me?
Where does it end?
What do I say ‘no’ to?
How do I begin?
How can I have more without doing more?

Glynis takes you to the core – core motive, core values, core roles, and your personalized vision of the best in your life.

Squeezing the best out of life requires intention… a strategy – a process.  So press pause! and for 45 minutes, come learn a 5-step proven process, designed
by Chief Juicer, Glynis E. Devine, that can help you have MORE!
More time
More balance
More joy
More FUN

About Glynis E. Devine:
Chief Juicer, Glynis E. Devine, boosts performance, improves engagement, provokes leaders, and shifts mindsets!   Glynis gives you and your people tools and a strategy to have more; more time, more balance, more joy and more fun!  And when you and your people have more – so does your organization!
Her proven 5-step process, delivered with wit, charm, and a story-telling style will ignite individuals, organizations, and communities to influence and lead change, growth, and engagement – with purpose!
Her wisdom comes from 25 years as one of the top Senior Directors in the cosmetics industry, and having personally sold more than $500,000.00 of lipstick – placing her in the top 5 in a sales force of 30,000.

  • Host of Your Soul Journey, a one-week women’s empowerment retreat in the Caribbean (http://yoursouljourneyretreat.com)
  • Former Host/Emcee of momondays montreal, a stand up, open-mic, dinner-theatre style, story-telling show (http:momondays.com)
  • Chair – Ethics Committee – Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.
  • Mentor – WiLF – Women in Leadership Foundation.
  • Fifteen-year volunteer and supporter of the Look Good Feel Better Program – supporting women and teens dealing with the effects of Cancer and Cancer treatments.
  • Speaker, Foodie, Author, Mom, Wife, coffee addict, and dancing fool.

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