The power of the body to heal itself

Presenter: Miria Baliddawa
The power of the body to heal itself
We all born with vital energy (life energy) circulating within our bodies. When our bodies are overcharged by physical or emotional stress, the connections that are part of our nervous system can no longer support the excess tension.  This can cause certain areas to begin to function in opposition to each other.  This overcharge can lead to health issues and/or pain or keep us in a stagnant pattern and unable to move forward in the attainment of goals.
Miria will discuss how she uses Direct Pressure Point/Dynamic Energy Therapy,  a precise,  gentle and pain-free technique,  to realign the body to bring it back to its proper balance.  She treats both adults and children of all ages.
This presentation will be in French and in English, according to audience request.

About Miria:

Miria Baliddawa knew that her life had changed after receiving treatments in Direct Pressure Point/Dynamic Energy.  Her dream was always to help others.  She trained extensively with Michel Couture who developed the technique based on the findings of Dr. George Goodheart, and American chiropractor and Dr John Thie (Touch for Health)  using energy therapy and the link between emotional stress and health issues. She practices from her home in Dalkeith and also runs workshops on well-being and self-development.

Miria Baliddawa
Direct Pressure Point /Dynamic Energy Therapist
Wellness  workshops and conferences

Associate and Ontario Representative
Centre and School of Direct Pressure Point Technique  & Dynamic Energy Therapy
Joliette (French)


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