Getting back in the game: Dating/Sex after 50

Presenters: Mélanie Lacelle and Lyanne Rochon.
Back in the 70’s when women would discuss sexuality with their physicians the main topic was usually only contraception and rarely about Sexually Transmitted infections (STI).  Nowadays we are seeing a shift in our way of thinking.  People are more open-minded and due to social media, are more and more “getting out there”.  Chlamydia, gonorrhea and even syphilis are making an ugly comeback and we are seeing and treating more mature adults than ever before.
In this workshop, you will be informed of the risks of STI even at a more mature age, how to talk to your physician and where to get the resources on safer sex and information on testing.
This presentation will be in French and in English, depending upon audience request.

Mélanie Lacelle, RN, graduated in 2002 from the University of Montréal, Qc.  She has worked in many hospitals in the Labour and Delivery department and for the past eight years has been a PHN (Public Health Nurse) for the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.  Melanie’s expertise is mainly surrounding sexual health, awareness and advocacy.

Lyanne Rochon, RN, graduated in 2004 from the University of Ottawa, On.  She started working at the emergency room at Montfort Hospital and afterward opted for a position as a Public Health Nurse at the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.  At first, working in Sexual Health and Child Health then progressed to work in the Social Determinants of Health in 2011.

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The Talks Stage 1
Dating after 50? If you haven\\\'t dated in a while, or if you want to be up to date on what\\\'s what, come to this talk about how to put on a condom, sexual tourism and more. Presenters will put you at ease, so don\\\'t be shy. Be informed and get answers to the questions that are on everyone\\\'s mind when they date after 50. Presenter info & bio coming soon. This presentation will be in French and in English, as per audience request.

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