We are happy to announce that all the booths are sold!


Registration YWC 2017

If you would like to speak to a live person to inquire about reserving a booth, please call us (1-877-678-3327).

Yes, Women Can!, will come to life in an elegant and relaxing environment.

• Exhibitors will be supplied with a fully-dressed 10×10-foot booth that includes curtained walls; One 8-foot table with skirt and tablecloth and two chairs.
• Our theme colours are white, turquoise and peach-pink.
• Each booth includes electricity and wireless internet.
• Exhibitors are not allowed to share their booth with other companies. You can decorate using artwork, supplies from other companies, but only the name of the one company which rented the booth will be listed online, in the magazine and on the show floor map.
• Exhibitors are responsible for the rented materials at their booth (i.e., the tablecloth, skirt and draping) and they are prohibited from using nails, tape or glue on any of these rented products.
• It is strictly forbidden to remove the pre-installed drapery from your booth.
• Any additional furniture that you bring must fit within the confines of your booth and organizers reserve the right to have you remove pieces that are deemed too large or inappropriate for the booth.
• Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that their booth is kept clean at all times and that empty boxes are kept stored out of sight. At no time may the exhibitor obstruct the alleys or entryways with products or furniture in their booth.

How to maximize your presence as an EXHIBITOR

Before the show:
• Determine what your objective is in coming to the show. Do you have a specific product to sell? Do you have promotional material that you can leave with your guests? Is your literature appealing to the eye?
• Make a list of what you plan to bring and then determine if some of those objects assist in your goal or ultimately devalue the main product or service you intend to sell.
• Maximize your visibility. Use colours appropriate to your product.
• Do you have a digital tour you can offer using a television or computer?
• Organize a raffle or contest that captures the attention of passersby.
• Can you demonstrate what you plan to sell?
• Don’t forget to bring business cards, literature, pens, tape.
• Attend other trade-shows and make a list of the features that encouraged you to visit your favourite booths.
* NO ATM Machine will be available on-site. We recommended you bring your own portable Debit Machine for transactions.


• Teach your employees to engage clients. A smile and a greeting can attract attention and then you have to keep it!.
• Don’t eat at your booth, or read a magazine. Don’t sit behind a table which can be barrier between you and visitors. Be approachable!

This is an opportunity to meet future clients and friends. Enjoy your day!