The “Yes, Women Can!” Idea

About 11 years ago, a group of women who work at The Review, a weekly community newspaper in Eastern Ontario, decided to organize a trade show with a twist, just for women!

The idea came together from two different inspirations. One major encouragement for all of us was that just before that, a ladies night organized upstairs at the Vankleek Hill Community Centre was a roaring success and we were always being asked, “When are you doing this again?”

That event, organized by Louise Sproule (Publisher of The Review), Carole Robert (Owner of Interior Expressions) and Kathy Rodger (Owner of HP Boutique in Hawkesbury) was in aid of the Higginson Tower Restoration Project. Louise Sproule was the co-chair of that committee, which ultimately successfully restored the Higginson Tower in Vankleek Hill. The Higginson Tower opened as a historic tourist destination in 2006.

Review sales consultant Dorothy Hodge had also been listening to customers who had been suggesting that The Review publish a magazine dedicated to women.

With Yes, Women Can!, Review staff put the two together to organize an all-day women’s event which takes place in Vankleek Hill every second year! Even when the event is more than a year away, we receive requests for booth bookings and speaker opportunities.

We love creating this fun, educational, rejuvenating day for all women. We won’t get into all that we’re offering here, so take a moment to read more on the other pages of this website.

The Ontario Community Newspaper Association (OCNA) and the Canadian Community Newspaper Association heave each acknowledged The Review with Community Service awards for this event!

We know that you, too will think Yes, Women Can! is a winner. . .