Are you squeezing the BEST out of life?  Or do you sometimes feel like you’re having the life squeezed out of you?
As women, we wear a lot of hats; employee, colleague, leader, mother, daughter, sister, spouse, volunteer, coach, manager, mentor… and the list goes on.  Women are SO good transforming into who and what the job or role needs – we’re master chameleons.  The downside of this art is that we can sometimes lose ourselves – who we are and what matters to us.
In Squeeze the Day!, Chief Juicer, Glynis E. Devine provokes you to start to ask the questions:
Who am I and what do I want?
What matters to me?
Where does it end?
What do I say ‘no’ to?
How do I begin?
How can I have more without doing more?

Glynis takes you to the core – core motive, core values, core roles, and your personalized vision of the best in your life.

Squeezing the best out of life requires intention… a strategy – a process.  So press pause! and for 45 minutes, come learn a 5-step proven process, designed
by Chief Juicer, Glynis E. Devine, that can help you have MORE!
More time
More balance
More joy
More FUN

About Glynis E. Devine:
Chief Juicer, Glynis E. Devine, boosts performance, improves engagement, provokes leaders, and shifts mindsets!   Glynis gives you and your people tools and a strategy to have more; more time, more balance, more joy and more fun!  And when you and your people have more – so does your organization!
Her proven 5-step process, delivered with wit, charm, and a story-telling style will ignite individuals, organizations, and communities to influence and lead change, growth, and engagement – with purpose!
Her wisdom comes from 25 years as one of the top Senior Directors in the cosmetics industry, and having personally sold more than $500,000.00 of lipstick – placing her in the top 5 in a sales force of 30,000.

  • Host of Your Soul Journey, a one-week women’s empowerment retreat in the Caribbean (
  • Former Host/Emcee of momondays montreal, a stand up, open-mic, dinner-theatre style, story-telling show (
  • Chair – Ethics Committee – Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.
  • Mentor – WiLF – Women in Leadership Foundation.
  • Fifteen-year volunteer and supporter of the Look Good Feel Better Program – supporting women and teens dealing with the effects of Cancer and Cancer treatments.
  • Speaker, Foodie, Author, Mom, Wife, coffee addict, and dancing fool.

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Ouimet Farms Adventure Stage

Les dialogues : scène 1
A special 55-minute presentation! Glynis Devine helps women SQUEEZE the BEST out of life: more time, more balance, more joy, and way more FUN! More info coming soon! Presenter: Glynis E. Devine. Presenter bio coming soon!

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