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On Sunday, April 9th it's Yes, Women Can! We Call It Our Happy Place.

2017 – This year’s theme is: “The Treasure Within.” Sometimes, we think we are not enough. But we have everything we need to find peace, happiness and success. Come to Yes, Women Can and meet women who can help you step into your future to enjoy life with confidence and excitement!


That's What She Said

Le décor, très élégant, rencontrait la féminité, l’intimité et l’accueil chaleureux. Des bénévoles engagées et souriantes. En un mot, vous avez la recette gagnante. Bravo à toute cette équipe si formidable, cette équipe championne, cette équipe exceptionnelle. Je peux vous dire, sans aucun doute, que cette journée a fait une différence dans la vie de plusieurs femmes de tous âges.
Je tenais absolument à vous faire part de mes commentaires. Je suis vraiment heureuse d’avoir eu le privilège de partager cette journée avec des centaines d’autres femmes affichant leur plus beau sourire.
Mille mercis et je souhaite avoir à nouveau l’occasion de revivre une autre journée mémorable “Au féminin pluriel.
À la prochaine et merci! Chapeau!


A huge thank you to everyone at the Review for putting together such a fantastic show. All of your hard work was evident and greatly appreciated. I am so very grateful to be from such a supportive community and to be able to be a part of the many wonderful events that The Review puts together. -- 2015 Yes Women Can

Jan Amell

To Louise Sproule and the whole Yes Women Can crew – congrats!! You did it again. A world-class event in the most wonderful little village in the world!! See you in two years! -- 2015 Yes, Women Can!

Louise Stephenson,Vankleek Hill

Congratulations all of you for the Yes Women Can Show!  It was jam packed when I was there!-- 2015 Yes, Women Can!

Martin Lacelle,Executive Director of Tourisme Prescott-Russell Tourism

I just wanted to extend thanks on behalf of the Alzheimer Society for inviting us to speak at the Women’s Show, participants had many questions and were very eager to learn and to share their experiences, we appreciate having been invited.  Congratulations on achieving such a great success. -- 2015 Yes, Women Can!

Shelly VaillancourtNC

Congratulations to everyone who worked at organizing this wonderful Yes Women Can Event… Another successful event in Vankleek Hill… You guys Rock! -- 2015 Yes, Women Can!

Beth Prophet Rouleau,Hawkesbury

Congratulations to Louise and everyone at The Review ( I am afraid of missing someone if I start naming you all!) for an amazing show. Your hard work really paid off !! It was my first ” Yes, Women Can!” and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you !! -- 2015 Yes Women Can

Pat Deacon

I strongly encourage anyone who is serious about their business and wants to expose their products and services to quality people to participate at this very professional event: YES WOMEN CAN. This event is very professional and very well organized. Not only did this event provide me with clients, it led me to establish important alliances that will raise my business to a greater level. Thank you Louise and your team for this wonderful opportunity!


You deserve accolades and deep gratitude from every woman who took part in yesterday’s amazing celebration of women. Thank you, Louise. And thank your wonderful team for all the very hard work they do. You are just the BEST organizer! Can hardly wait until 2017! -- 2015 Yes, Women Can!

Dana Johnston,Vankleek Hill


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Dorothy Hodge
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Tara Kirkpatrick
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Sharon Graves-Mac Rae
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Lucille Lafranchise
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